Agario Review

Arguably one of the most exciting games to come out of 2010, Agario is sure to live up to that billing. A game full of strategy and hidden object scenes, Agario takes players on an expedition through a beautifully illustrated virtual world based on South American jungle landscapes. The stunning visuals are enough to draw anyone into the game, but what really sets it apart from its peers is the engaging and deep gameplay provided by the in-depth action mode.

Starting off with the storyline, you quickly find out that the land is in danger, and that not all is well in peaceful heaven. In order to save the land, you'll have to develop your character and choose your character wisely. To do this you'll have to use a variety of tools such as potions and torches, which will each turn the environment to different colors and provide different boosts, special attacks and defense mechanisms. Once you've figured out how to use these tools in sequence to create the perfect scenario, you can continue on to take on the evil bosses plaguing the land. Each of them is armed with a variety of weapons which must be avoided at all costs.

Playing as Diego, a young boy, you trek throughout the jungle looking for water and other useful objects. You will also have to search for food and spend some time resting between missions. Along the way you'll notice some animals wandering about too, so be careful about picking them up. Aiming your weapon in their general area is usually a good idea, as they may give you an extra drop or two. The overall objective of the game is to locate and kill the evil wizard named Krunsch, who wishes to absorb the magical power in order to become even more powerful. It's up to you to defeat him and restore peace to the land.

Unlike other similar games, where you are required to buy a lot of real money, in Agario you need to collect just $200 in order to start the game. This is considered a minimum amount of cash since you are allowed to buy some of the basic supplies before heading out into the wild. This allows you to start off with minimal risk, and ensures that you don't get stuck paying for items that you'll never use.

There are a number of ways to play Agario. The two most popular are using the "buy the ticket" option which awards points based on how effectively you use the tickets you purchase. The more tickets you accumulate, the higher your score, and the more rewards you receive. Points can be earned by completing challenges, winning against all opponents, and collecting all the mini-games and secrets within the game.

Another interesting element of this game is the ability to trade in your points for actual cash. This works the same as the mini-game collection and allows you to earn much more money than what you could if you played the game for free. Some players even exchange their points for gifts for family members and friends! So, if you have been waiting to take your PC gaming to the next level, then check out Agario!


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